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09.08.2013 12:29, Graham :
Thanks for the help, been trying for ages to get this game to work.

22.05.2013 10:04, Mathias from Deutschland :
Die Lösung des Problems, mit dem Crash "the instruction at 0043e7b6 referenced memory at 00dd96d6 the memory could not be read from" , ist dxdiag aufrufen und dann unter Anzeige die DirectDraw und Direct3D-Beschleunigung auszuschalten.

20.04.2013 07:27, Mathias from Deutschland E-mail :
eine Zeit lang lief das Spiel ganz gut, aber jetzt hab ich das Problem, dass es, wenn ich auf Destinas landen will, und manchmal, wenn ich in einen Sektor springen will mit der Meldung: "The instruction at 0043e7b6 referenced memory at 00dd96d6 the memory could not be read from" abstürzt.Ein paar Leute hier haben ähnliches berichtet.Kennt jemand eine Lösung?

17.04.2013 17:41, Cliff E-mail :

Have folllowed all instructions to install Privateer2 Darkening onto PC with XP - When I go to install scrteen just goes blank and nothing happens - even left it for 2 hours - still nothing happened - Any clues please?

04.01.2013 17:23, Onkel KayCee from Germany :
http://originalthp.solsector.n et/privateer2win95/
Works with Windows 7 64bit.

29.07.2012 21:02, Uhu germany :
privateer 2 xp

08.01.2012 16:30, Archer E-mail :
i cant get disc 2 too load up when i get to the dam med centre on Crius anybody know how to fix???

27.10.2011 20:01, pre :
To solve the black screen problem wenn starting from planets I deactivated the DirectDraw acceleration at the DirectX opinions (dxdiag.exe)

13.10.2011 22:14, Arcanewinds :
To anyone having any problems with the 'Please Insert Disk 2' screen, I simply copy-pasted the contents of disk 2 into C:\Dark\ and now it works. I recommend you try this (after backing everything up).

If you're using a mounted CD, burning it to a disk won't help the situation, using DOSBox may help, but I couldn't get my saves to load using that, or the left alt key D:, didn't spend much time trying to get around them though.

Have fun!

25.09.2011 11:45, Alex Podbelski E-mail :
Finally got it work, DOS version only thx to this page: ort.shtml#p2

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Entries: 338
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