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25.09.2011 10:24, Alex Podbelski E-mail :
Hey everyone, I've got the same fkn crash when leaving Hermes, hooray!!!

Looked through this discussion till 2009, seems noone has a clue how to fix it :-(

Maybe the bug won't happen in a DOS version, but I can't use it b/c have no DOS drivers for my sound card... prob should try to look for them, built-in notebook audio

02.09.2011 05:29, Kuba Kutno :
I prefer the situation when everything works fine and painless. I don't like tormenting myself. But if You consider it as a challenge, well... Respect 2 U ;)

31.08.2011 13:38, jeannot from France :
Kuba Kutno: I know, but because it's my system for several months, I like it and I do not want to completely install again. Also, I like challenges ...

31.08.2011 05:47, Kuba Kutno :
So why torture yourself with playing on Seven? XP is better, more compatible with everything (old & new software) and less memory eating. Salutations

30.08.2011 14:19, jeannot from France E-mail :
Paul, the game works for me on Seven x64, original version + patch WIN95
Just a few problems:
- in win95 compatibility mode (all boxes checked) -> no page "options" in game but no crash
- without compatibility mode -> crashes during some missions
Forced to "play" between the two modes, but it is very playable
(sorry for my bad English)

22.08.2011 06:25, Kuba Kutno :
Yeah, but the smoothness and enjoyment of the game while playing on DOSbox sucks in comparison with Deluxe version.

21.08.2011 04:14, Yoss from USA :
I had the same first-flight-crash bug for my WinXP machine. Since I have the DOS version of P2 and not the Deluxe windows version, I decided to try DOSbox as someone else here suggested. It works!

DOSbox is the answer if you have the classic DOS version of Privateer2. Make sure you read the user's manual for DOSbox so that you know how to switch between the 3 disks.

23.06.2011 09:51, foo :
Colors are fucked up during installation, but in the game they are fine.

23.06.2011 09:50, foo :
Works fine with windows 7.

08.06.2011 05:28, Kuba Kutno :
Paul - I don't think so. Better try Win XP SP3.

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Entries: 338
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