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05.06.2011 22:44, paul E-mail :
does this work with windows 7?

15.05.2011 01:51, Rob from USA E-mail :
I burn the CD and the game won't install. did I forget to do something?

06.05.2011 05:24, Kuba :
Change the letter of drive in config file. It was exactly explained earlier here. Just search a little ;) Everything will be working well.

01.05.2011 02:34, JC :
Hi, I'm running Privateer 2 with the Dos to Windows patch and so far so good, but when it comes to changing to cd2 I can't seem to progress. Does anybody know a simple way to get around this? I am assuming the game is simply looking in the wrong place or something.

Cheers guys

04.04.2011 08:53, Kuba :
Thanks a lot for Your work, I have installed it and everything works just fine, like it was back in the days :)

(WinXP SP3)

18.02.2011 21:52, TDS E-mail :
OK installed and I'm getting total distortion ?

17.02.2011 20:50, Charlotte from England E-mail :
Hi! I did everything you said, and I have one problem - the game won't install. I tried before I burnt the disk, and the screen went black. I tried after, and it didn't even give me the option. What am I doing wrong?
Hope you can help!

10.01.2011 19:59, IIVIIetal E-mail :
Hey, i have the same error as alot of ppl but theres no clear answer. I try to leave hermes and it crashes. I dont have a joystick, I use ATI graphix card.

my system is a p4 3ghz
2gb ram
on board sound
250gb hdd

26.09.2010 12:31, Nikos :
Hi, the installer crashes at apx. 75% of CD. Any1 having that problem too?

10.06.2010 09:52, Eron :
Hey, Priv 2 works nice in DOSBox 0.72 and above.
Still it quits sometimes, but rarely. Even better with patch, but then some SOS missions fail.
Have fun!

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Entries: 338
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