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11.10.2003 13:08, cyril E-mail :
Same bug on French version: you have to tip Y instead of O (Oui) in order to quit the game.

Great Site, it totally help me !!

28.09.2003 14:54, Martin E-mail :
Hello thomas, Ich wollte mal fragen, ob Du Ahnung hast, was die "Input.dll" ist, die mein Win 95 C haben möchte. In English: Do you what kind the "Input.dll" is, which my Win95 PC likes to have for installing Priv 2?

Many thanks for answering!"

24.09.2003 14:28, Steff E-mail :

I've a problem! When I'm starting "Install.exe" my monitor will be black and nothing else happens!?



03.09.2003 17:38, BluePrint E-mail :
I don't belive it!
Privateer 2 works on my XP, flight is just the right speed, and everything else sprints away without too many anoying sounds.
totaly awesome patch/conversion/work... this kicks.

oh, and my English version of the Darkening shows no problem after being converted (except for that "not enough disk space"), the quit questions is the same as before.

one last thing: a readable manual and refrence card are available at

thank you for reviving my Privateer 2.

21.08.2003 22:17, Jarl :
Answer to my own question!

Thanks to sasa_25 for the clue on his p2 site:

To solve the 'insert disc 2' problem, do this:

First, create a new folder and title it c:\p2cd2 or something. Make sure it's a different folder from where you copied the contents of disc 1.

Now, copy the entire contents of disc 2 to the new folder.

Now open the 'dark.cfg' file in the 'dark' directory of your C drive, and change the first line from 'c:\p2cd1' to 'c:\p2cd2'.

Re-start the game and then proceed to where it tells you to insert disc 2 - it should continue without a problem.

You will have to reload the game each time a disc change is required, so save before hand!

21.08.2003 21:54, Jarl :
Hi, My thanks as well for all your trouble here - yours was the only solution I could find on the net for getting the game working. Todate, however, I have the same problem as someone a couple of posts below - can't get beyond the 'insert disc 2' screen. If I find a solution I'll post it here.


17.08.2003 16:27, Axel Klein E-mail :
Hier meine Einstellungen für Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D:

Joy 1
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 531
Joy cy 531
Joy lx -10
Joy ly -10
Joy rx 1023
Joy ry 1023

die Werte brauchen noch etwas Feintuning ... kennt jemand vielleicht ein Programm dass die Rohdaten dei vom Joystick kommen anzeigt? Das würde die Sache erheblich erleichtern

Grüße Axel

31.07.2003 03:10, AJC E-mail :
Howdy doody.
Firstly, thanks a heap for the patch, finally i might be able to get around to finishing this game!
I've played the 1st CD through fine, no problems. However, when it comes to insert CD2, it doesn't recognise it. I've tried starting the game (and the PC) with CD2 in the drive but it still prompts for it when I enter the cutscene. Any help would be fantastically appreciated!

18.07.2003 11:41, Billoute :

don't know if you finally suceeded with your joy/throttle calibration, but if it can help you, here my settings for a sidewinder 3d pro with rudder/throttle correctly calibrated from the option menu

JoyOn 0
ThrottleOn 0
Joy 1
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 511
Joy cy 511
Joy lx 0
Joy ly 0
Joy rx 1023
Joy ry 1023
Joy2 1
Joy2 cy 511
Joy2 ly 0
Joy2 ry 1023

18.07.2003 11:34, billoute :
hi, just applied your patch on my french dos version, and everything runs fine except the same keyb pb you described.
speed patch applied, and encountered no pbs with my joy (sidewinder 3d pro throttle/rudder under winxp)

fine job, and thks you..can't wait to play again this fantastic game

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Entries: 338
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