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17.07.2003 22:38, Oigres E-mail :
hmmm i knew i did good when i choosed not to install the throttle :)

hmmm 120? i wonder why my joystick has so high values.....well all i need now is to remember myself to save the game afther each mission....bhaaaaa just have to restartt it.....played freelancer for tooo lonnnnng :P


PS:Thomas....what tempest sayd abouth the gift :) i was trying to run it using virtual pc when i saw the patch on wingcommander CIC :D

17.07.2003 16:53, Tempest E-mail :
Ok, if anyone is having the trouble I had with the throttle on the joystick, I know a way around it.

While I do not know how to remedy the problem itself, the throttle in the state that it is in, is simply unplayable. Therefor, the way around this, is to still use the same joystick config I had (Or whatever suits your joystick) but simply install Privateer with support for just JOYSTICK, not Joystick with throttle. This removes the use of throttle, and removes the errors which come with it.

Hope it helps some people out there. And Thomas, thanks so much for this gift! :)

17.07.2003 13:58, Tempest E-mail :
Thanks a lot Oigres, after a bit of tenacity I finally achieved my joystick central calibration with:

JoyOn 0
ThrottleOn 0
Joy 1
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 120
Joy cy 120
Joy lx 0
Joy ly 0
Joy rx 240
Joy ry 240

However, now I have a new problem. For some reason, if I boost the throttle, it doesn't stop. It keeps going and going, achieving speeds far greater than 6000+

Any ideas?

16.07.2003 21:42, Oigres E-mail :
hrrr Tempest, correction,

sorry for them spam guys :)


16.07.2003 21:41, Oigres E-mail :
hey Thomas thx for the help and the patch :D actually my hardawe acelaration was disabled, now everithing works fine :)


PS: Tempest sorry for my english, if u need more help to configure the joystick contact me trough MSN at

16.07.2003 21:34, Oigres E-mail :
hi Tempest, actually is very easy choose a value to the cx and cy lets say u try something like what i have posted, now when u test it if the joy goes the the left side u are over the desired value so try a lower number, if it goes to the right then u are under the value and need to try a higher number, i would say u start with high numbers like 5000 to both values, see to were the joystick is moving, and try higer or lower numbers, each time u get closer to the "center" the spining gets slower and slower untill it stops. the rx and ry values u get by multiplying the cx and cy values by 2 (cx*2=rx)for the cy values do the same, it takes some time becouse u have to close and stat priv2 each time but it works :)

and one i tell ya, my joystick doesnt moves a mm to any side :D


16.07.2003 19:06, Tempest E-mail :
Hey Oigres. I'm curious to know how you discovered those values. Were they random fiddlings which you eventually came across?

I tried it with my joystick, but it didn't seem to help. unfortunately, I still am unable to find the correct manual values :(

16.07.2003 17:17, Thomas Perl E-mail :
Hello, Oigres!

Try this:

1.) Start => Run => "dxdiag" (without the quotes)

2.) Click on the "Sound" tab

3.) Disable Hardware Acceleration (or try another setting than the current...)

Hope this helps.


16.07.2003 16:22, Oigres E-mail :
ok if someone is uding a gullemot Force feedback Joystick here are the settings for the manual configuration.

JoyOn 0
ThrottleOn 0
Joy 1
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 2100
Joy cy 2000
Joy lx 0
Joy ly 0
Joy rx 4200
Joy ry 4000

now maybe i need help with the sound in movies i get echo and cant understand wht they are saying, any ideas?


16.07.2003 04:04, Thoth Deathterra :
Hi there!

i've a Saitek Cyborg 3D joystick and get the same problem by pressing [alt]+[o] (memory could not be read bla bla).

I'm running Windows 2000.

When i configure the joystick manually within the dark.cfg it doesn't crash and i could flight if the joystick would be calibrated. (flying circles and circles and circles and...)

Can someone help, or tell me wich values to set in the dark.cfg?

I've got no idea...

greetings from germany!

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Entries: 338
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