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15.07.2003 19:25, Thomas Perl E-mail :

Here's what I _think_ the values mean (It'll say _sure_ when I'm pretty sure):

C:\DARK => The Directory you installed P2 to (sure)
JoyOn 0 => Enabled Joystick?
ThrottleOn 0 => Enable Throttle?
Joy 0 => Maybe Joystick already calibrated?
Joy Dead 0.100000 => Dead zone of the joystick (sure)
Joy cx 0 => Joystick Center Position X Axis (sure)
Joy cy 0 => Joystick Center Position Y Axis (sure)
Joy lx 0 => Joystick Lowest X Axis?
Joy ly 0 => Joystick Lowest Y Axis?
Joy rx 0 => Joystick Biggest X Axis?
Joy ry 0 => Joystick Biggest Y Axis?
Joy2 0 => Joystick 2 (=Throttle?)
Joy2 cy 0 => Center of Throttle?
Joy2 ly 0 => Minimum Throttle Pos?
Joy2 ry 0 => Maximum Throttle Pos?

You may have to experiment with the values, please if you have found good settings tell us so and tell us which joystick you have.

I've found something on the internet, try these settings if you want and tell us if it works:

Joy 1
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 334
Joy cy 370
Joy lx 0
Joy ly 0
Joy rx 655
Joy ry 655

Good luck!
Thomas Perl

15.07.2003 19:14, Tempest E-mail :
I can see the file you want me to edit, and have a vague idea what to change. However, I'm not sure of the values. Can anyone help?

JoyOn 0
ThrottleOn 0
Joy 0
Joy Dead 0.100000
Joy cx 0
Joy cy 0
Joy lx 0
Joy ly 0
Joy rx 0
Joy ry 0
Joy2 0
Joy2 cy 0
Joy2 ly 0
Joy2 ry 0

Which of these should be changed?

15.07.2003 18:33, Thomas Perl E-mail :

You may want to configure your Joystick by editing the DARK.CFG file, setting some of the values different, and omit pressing ALT+O for the options screen. This may help you to resolve the problem.

Thomas Perl

15.07.2003 16:09, Oigres E-mail :
hmmm what tempest sayd, alt+o and not alt-H, aniway i think is nor a joystick problem, the first time i installed i choose mouse as controler and got the same error ....


14.07.2003 16:38, Tempest E-mail :
This is awesome, but I ran into a joystick error. :(

When pressing alt+o during flish, I set up my center box and when I press exit, I get:

Application error:
The instruction at 004173ed referenced memory at 4f6ec161
The memory could not be read from.

Click ok to terminate the application.

Then it crashes. :(

I'm running win XP and have a microsoft sidewinder precision 2 joystick. Any ideas?

14.07.2003 05:24, Oigres E-mail :
hmmm very nice but i have a problem when i trie to go into the flight options (alt+H) i get the following herror "the instruction at 004173ed referenced memory at 4f0ac161 the memory could not be read from"

any idea?


13.07.2003 10:44, TC E-mail :

11.07.2003 02:22, perli :
yo aio

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Entries: 338
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